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Sunanda deserves an honest probe

If the latest post-mortem reports on Sunanda Pushkar’s unfortunate and sudden death are anything to go by, too many questions hang in the despondent air that currently surrounds a grieving Shashi Tharoor. While the SDM in charge of the investigation has ordered the probing team to look into suicide and murder possibilities, citing lethal overdose of drugs or toxic substances in her system, the injury marks on her body tell a far harsher and grimmer story that many in the echelons of power would rather keep buried. If Pushkar’s last few tweets are scanned, a number of them pointedly threatened to spill the beans on the benighted Kochi franchise issue in 2010 edition of the IPL, in which she was supposed to have received sweat equities, courtesy Tharoor. But then why would a definitely enraged Pushkar talk about taking on the union minister’s shenanigans in her name at that time? Despite being described as a power couple, Tharoor and Pushkar, who had, in the greater part of their three-year-long marriage, been the toast of the Capital’s glitterati and chatterati, were facing marital discords, because of which, the feisty and fiercely independent Pushkar was increasingly sinking into clinical depression, alongside battling a number of other hazardous ailments such as lupus. But as Shiv Menon, Pushkar young son has asserted, Sunanda was way too strong to take her own life, leaving out the possibility of extreme foul play leading up to her death.

Already, Lalit Modi, the disgraced IPL founder and its former commissioner has alleged that Sunanda knew too much, not only about the Kochi franchise scandal, but also had insider information about a number of other scams brewing within the Congress quarters. Was Mrs Sunanda Shashi Tharoor becoming too much of a liability for an increasingly backtracking Congress, which is not only facing certain defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, but is also on the verge of being duly exposed as the ultimate peddlers of people’s trust and hard-earned money?
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