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Sukma attack more than security breach, say experts

Security experts are of the view that the  violent incident in Sukma on Saturday was more than a  case of  mere security breach. It is a manifestation of a deeper malaise.

Fellow at Nehru Memorial Himanshu Roy, who very closely monitored functioning of Salwa Judum campaign told Millennium-Post, ‘Maoist activities are manifestation of serious problems of backward areas. If government could govern well these problems would melt away. After working closely for sometime now I can surely say if problems of employment, food security could be dealt with, the entire Maoist cadre would vanish but they have failed to do so. Though it is a problem since independence and can’t be cured in short time, if any government honestly tries to do development it can be done.’

At least 27 people including top Congress leader Mahendra Karma, the man who started the anti-Naxal campaign called Salwa Judum died on Saturday among many well-known state Congress leaders. Around 32 were injured in the ambush. Mutilated bodies of Chhattisgarh Congress chief Nandkumar Patel and his son Dinesh, who were kidnapped, were recovered from Darbha Ghat on Sunday. Ajai Sahni of Institute for Conflict Management said, ‘This was inevitable and the built-up to such an act was being set up. This incident has shown that government data that establishment's dominance has increased in these areas is far from truth. There has been no improvement in dominance as there has been no engagement. This attack has demonstrated extreme vulnerability of the government.’

Former DGP, Border Security Force, said, ‘The Maoists were under pressure to demonstrate their strength and Karma had been their target for a long time. Besides, an inquiry on why attack on Congress rally was done could be made. We have to get some leads from the ground.’ Describing the Maoist ambush as unfortunate, another former BSF DGP EN Rammohan said, ‘The government should be asked why the area was not sanitized before VIP movement. Only once the route is cleared, the convoy should move.’

The ministry of home affairs and central reserve police force (CRPF) have refused to get drawn into any discussion the attack. A senior CRPF official in New Delhi said, ‘Our involvement is not much in this incident as the convoy was guarded by the Chhattisgarh police. However, in view of the ambush we have initiated an internal enquiry into the matter and our team would visit the site.
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