Millennium Post

Cruising along the Brahmaputra

29 Feb 2020 2:37 PM GMT
A voyage through Assam on the tempestuous Brahmaputra river provides an indelible experience – featuring wildlife viewing, village walks replete with riveting conversations, a brush with the rich socio-religious heritage, tea gardens and much more

World of the super-rich Laucala

8 Feb 2020 1:45 PM GMT
With its dazzling beaches, laid back crowds and inviting weather, Fiji is the preferred playground for the rich and the famous, serving as the backdrop for many luxurious hideaways

Copenhagen:Epitome of Scandi cool

28 Dec 2019 1:59 PM GMT
Replete with history and old world culture existing in harmony alongside modernity, Copenhagen is an oasis of calmness for a potential traveller in a world that is insistently busy and disordered – a city of happiness
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