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Students barred from cheating ransack examination hall

 M Post Bureau |  2016-02-23 01:03:37.0  |  Kolkata

Students barred from cheating ransack examination hall

Some students of  Bongaon High School on Sunday ransacked the class rooms of Shaktigarh High School, a educational  institution in the  area after the invigilators  did not allow them to copy in the examination.

The district representative of the West Bengal Higher  Secondary  Council visited the school. The council will take action against the students after getting a report from the school authorities and its representative. The students had gone to write for History examination. After finding the question paper lengthy and difficult, the students took recourse to mass copying.  They tore off pages from the books and  received the supply of  answers from outside. The invigilators  refused to accept this and resisted.  To stop students from copying, the  council  has banned cell phones from the examination halls and  the students found with mobile phones are barred from the examination. According to the council  three invigilators should be present in every room. After getting resistance, the  students became agitated and began  ransacking the class rooms. They  broke benches and desks of the room and uprooted ceiling fans.   Mass copying had become a major menace  in the Madhyamik examination. To stop the same, elaborate arrangements were made by the HS council and  some examination centres were declared as highly sensitive. A spokesman for the council  said that no reports of mass copying were reported from any other centre.  The council  will examine presence of policemen at the centre.

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