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Sticking to classics

Sticking to classics
We have seen veterans perform in the city many a time. However, this dance recital was slightly different from the others. The reason? It was given by a girl who is still in school.

Meet Mallika Mahesh Eswaran who performed the Bharatnatyam Arangetram at the India International Centre recently. Mallika is a class XII student of St George School and has been dancing since she was 10.

Looking resplendent in the traditional Bharatnatyam dress and temple jewellery, Mallika enthralled the crowd. The performance started with namaskar to Nataraja, Lord Shiva, her guru and the orchestra. ‘The central piece of Bharatnatyam, which is the varnam, is a combination of nritta patterns,’ explained Mallika.

‘To be able to express such a feeling, one has to actually feel the longing and love for Shiva,’ said the young dancer. She beautifully expressed her longing to meet him through well-articulated dance moves. Overall, a charming performance.
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