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SP's internal problem result of dynasty politics: Naidu

"(I) Have no comments to make. It is an internal problem.

As I always say, dynasty in democracy is nasty, but tasty to some people. We are seeing the result also," senior BJP leader and Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Naidu told reporters on the sidelines of the CII Big Picture Summit here.

"But at the same time, we don't want to fish in troubled waters. We don't want to say anything or do anything on what is happening with SP. People are seeing what is happening and they will decide and act," he said.

Stressing that Uttar Pradesh was lagging behind at a time when the country was moving forward, Naidu urged the people of the state to support BJP in the coming Assembly election to make the state a "Uttam Pradesh".

"UP, as the PM said yesterday, has to be converted into Uttam Pradesh and only BJP can do that. And a big state like UP lagging behind in development, it's no good for the country. The country is moving forward and UP is lagging behind, that's why people need to support BJP in the coming round of elections," he said.

On the issue of triple talaq, Naidu said the government and BJP are "strongly in favour of ending triple talaq", holding it as discrimination against women and against the constitutional right of equality.

"All discrimination against women must come to an end. We are a civilised and democratic country. Why should there be discrimination on the basis of gender and this triple talaq is a gender discrimination and is against the Consititution...

BJP or government is strongly in favour of ending triple talaq," he said.
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