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Spotlight on CPI-M bosses for huge funds in SBI current account

In a startling revelation, a current account with a local branch of the State Bank of India shows deposits worth Rs 16 crore in the name of two very senior CPI-M leaders till April, 2013. The account belongs to Nirupam Sen and Biman Bose and the address given, 31, Alimuddin Street, the state headquarters of the CPI-M. Large transactions have taken place in this account in January, March and April, 2013 and in one day, deposits have been as high as Rs 15 to16 lakh. Though the account is in the name of the two top leaders, the money belongs to the party, says the CPIM top brass.

The state’s Bureau of Investigation is looking into details like whether all rules regarding personal accounts are being maintained, whether IT returns were filed and so on. In any case, national banks do keep a vigil on accounts where such large transactions take place. However, the bank has shot off a letter to Alimuddin Street to which the CPI-M’s audit firm has replied with the requisite papers. Documents have been submitted to the IT department and the party has shut this account and opened one in the name of the CPI-M state committee.

However, several questions have been raised by Trinamool Congress leader Dola Sen, who has approached the Reserve Bank Governor and the State Bank of India chairman for a full investigation into the matter.  She said, ‘I have asked for an investigation into the matter as a common man. Why was that account ownership changed all of a sudden? What are they trying to hide? Let the bank authorities tell the public the truth’.

Alimuddin bosses deny allegations of corruption though. According to Nirupam Sen, the primary holder of the account, ‘The account has been in existence for years. The central commitee has submitted its accounts to the eentral election commission and we have submitted the audited statement of this account from West Bengal for ages. Why the sudden investigation in the face of the elections?’

Leaders claim that they are not doing anything illegal. Said Biman Bose, party chairman, ‘Earlier, there was a joint account in the name of Sailen Dasgupta. Later, Sen’s name was added. Now we have asked the bank to change the account to the party’s name. The bank has agreed. I dont have a pan card. So Nirupam’s pan number has been used. What is illegal about it?’ A Trinamool MP however says that there is no raeson to feel surprised. ‘The CPI-M ammassed huge wealth for 35 years. They were corrupt at all levels. Why does it surprise you?’, he said.
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