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Spats look uglier on TV than on the field, says Ricky Ponting

Spats look uglier on TV than on the field, says Ricky Ponting
Warner, whose on-field behaviour has been under the scanner of late, was docked 50 per cent of his match fee after his ‘speak english’ jibe at Rohit during Australia’s win at the MCG. Ponting said that the actions appeared more dramatic on television.

“When David Warner confronted Rohit Sharma between overs at the MCG, it reminded me of a few episodes I found myself involved in on the field. However it started or whatever was said, it did not look great, and as I came to understand over the years, the way such exchanges are perceived from off the field often turns out to be more important than the actual topic discussed or words used,” Ponting wrote in his column on ‘ESPNcricinfo’.

“That has been true of this episode for David, where his 50 per cent match fee fine has come about largely because of how it played on television and came across to fans around the world,” he added.

Warner, who has had a brush with discipline when the destructive opener was accused of punching England batsman Joe Root in a bar brawl back in 2013 and subsequently expelled from the team, turned over a new leaf in the summer of 2014 and has not only tried to change his image but has also become a pillar of strength for Australia.
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