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Sin of the soil

In efforts which are only tantamount to the demand and desires of the corporate houses and that of few political functionaries with substantial clout, the NDA government it seems is in serious consternation about the many obstacles that it has been facing with the Land Acquisition Act. It is understood that the Modi government is pro business and time and again its ministers have taken to either the traditional or the social media to vent their ire or to suggest changes so that the alleged ‘cycle of development’ does not stop.

If environment minister Prakash Javadekar highlighted the UPA government’s sluggishness on matters related to green nod as the reason for many projects being stalled, the current transport and rural development minister Nitin Gadkari is showcasing some unusual urgency in calling an all party meet before the winter session of the parliament commences. It does become interesting to know who exactly the lynchpin is in this entire process. Is Gadkari acting of his own accord or is he kow-towing the line as might have been suggested by the now supreme leader of the once democratic saffron party? If the changes to the Land Acquisition Act are being sought only at the former’s level, the repercussions may not be as severe but if it is a collective effort and Gadkari is only the scapegoat then the NDA government of Narendra Modi should realise that by negating the people’s consent to the bare minimum, it is indeed digging a grave with pitfalls or itself.

It should not forget that common people who are being conveniently left aside from the decision making process are the same ones which helped the NDA government come to power. The government may be showcasing its most assiduous face to the corporates but its hould also not forget that if it has to return to power in 2019 it cannot leave its people in the lurch. Marginalisation is not the option but inclusion is certainly the way ahead.

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