Showcasing the best of Bali

Showcasing the best of Bali
Bali resembles India in terms of culture as they have 95 per cent Hindu population but to know more about them, one has to visit the country and its exotic locations. For those who wish to know more about the culture, one can look at the photographs that will be showcased in an exhibition in the national Capital. 

The exhibition titled- ‘Women In Bali,’ which will begin on April 26, contains series of photographs that attempt to make a comparison of the role of women in India and Bali— two nations permeated by the same religious traditions. It also aims to reflect on the opportunity present for the women in society.

The narration of the exhibition flows through a kaleidoscope of women, immersed in their natural environment, in everyday life or portrayed in composite form. The images talk about an intertwining of existences that gradually expresses female role-play, a cultural pluralism, spiritual intensity and the importance of nature. 

Some of the images are imbued with a feeling of sacredness. The woman bowing her head in deep respect under a cascade of silver, the subject holding out her hand as crystal clear water gushes over it- which puts into focus the woman engaged in tending to an inundated rice field, juxtaposing not just the various roles of water but of the women as well.

Elaborating more about her work, Bruna says, “The exhibition and the book seek to be homage to the island and all the women who live there. Over time, I have met many women, both from Bali and elsewhere, who have launched important artistic, ethical and social projects on the island. Through their portraits I have tried to grasp their essence, describing the force of the female energy symbolised by water, the holy water, a vehicle of ancient memories and an instrument of healing.”

“Bali is a living island, a place that has always stirred in me contrasting emotions, stimulated by its fluid and changeable light, by a rituality made up of gestures that render the invisible visible and, above all, by a diffuse beauty that reflects a harmony that is continually reinvented”, adds Bruna Rotunno. 

The soundtrack for the exhibition has been composed by Eraldo Bernocchi, an Italian musician, producer and sound designer. The exhibition has been curated by Singapore based art consultant Sabiana Paoli in association with art historian Dr Alka Pande. Speaking about the artist’s work, Sabiana shares, “Bruna Rotunno’s affair with the island of Bali started 30 years ago, when she visited the islands for the first time. In a project spanning eight years, she has organised her gaze into a story in pictures where every gesture and every figure meticulously translates the essence of a unique place, characterised by a fluid and harmonious energy.”

‘Women In Bali’ reflects the twin worlds of advertising and fashion through the pictures. The portraits of women pursue the mundane appear like finely finished stylish fashion pictures.


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