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Presenting The Eternal Radha

Presenting The Eternal Radha
‘The Eternal Radha’ is Suhas’s concept of a mysterious heroine, an image of a perfect woman who is intriguingly garbed as a muse in his works. He recreates the beauty of  nature and stirs the romantic version of the classic in two dimensions in his paintings. He also focuses his portrayal of the female subjects in his works with a special, pristine agelessness. Suhas puts a vital rhythm into the visual sensation, the dynamic equilibrium of forms, the virtues of distinct serenity, and  an unruffled essence of form in his recent works. All the creations are a visual extravaganza with the muse Radha displayed in varying forms. Suhas’ works of art include a skilful execution, varied techniques, adept brush strokes, and the subtle and interesting use of colours. Their fluid strokes immediately elicit a dialogue with the viewer because of their appeal on the visual statement and the underlying mystique of tradition and symbolism embodied in the treatment of their subjects.

When: 6 January till 31 January, 11.00 am
Where: Dhoomimal City Gallery
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