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Pay day rush: Long queues outside ATMs, banks

Every new month brings joy to the salaried employees across the country as they get their salaries and pensions credited in the account within the first seven to 10 days of the month. But this time, instead of joy, there is tremendous chaos regarding ways to withdraw their money from their salaries to put them to daily use. 

The reason is clear. Demonetisation has hit their demands as well as needs pretty badly as the banks and ATMs across the city are still witnessing long queues due to which people are failing to meet up with their immediate cash requirements. There is panic among people regarding the payment of household goods bills, money to milkmen, newspaper vendors, maids and meet other basic amenities.

It is well known that most government or private employees get their salaries in the first week of the month. Longer queues at banks and ATMs are an obvious fact these days as scores of people line up to get money in order to meet their fixed monthly expenses.  

Even though many have started transacting money through E-wallet, the availability of cash on hand is a must to run their livelihood. Most banks and ATMs soon become cashless for which the administration and the bank are both helpless. The banks, these days, are getting less cash which is used up within 3-4 hours. The availability of Rs 500 notes is still to become a reality for customers. Most of the ATMs around the city remain cashless and the ones having cash gets empty very soon, forcing several people to return home bare hand.

After 23 days of the announcement of note ban, there is no sign of relief for the common man. Long queues outside banks and ATMs were witnessed on Thursday morning as well when several went to fetch their salaries credited to their accounts but were unable to do so. Many do not even have chequebooks with them due to which they have to visit banks to get the money by filling up withdrawal forms.  

“I get my salary credited to my account on the last day of every month. I have to pay for the essential expenses and thus, cash is much needed. Looking at the conditions of the bank, I have to take a leave from my office to withdraw money but it’s very hard to get cash. I am standing in the queue since 8:30 am and the queue is getting way longer with every passing minute,” said a customer standing outside a bank in Noida Sector 18. 

Even after directions of the Reserve Bank of India to extend the cash withdrawal limit to Rs 24,000 per week, banks are failing to provide money to customers leaving them with a host of problems to meet their everyday cash demands. 
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