Millennium Post

Free the signal

12 Oct 2020 4:48 PM GMT
In the wake of an alleged TRP scam, it may be prudent for India to move in step with the world and remove the limitations that prohibit private...

Restoring normalcy

4 Aug 2020 5:16 PM GMT
Hafta bazars — a lifeline for lakhs of vendors that service those from the middle and lower-income groups — should be opened with regulations

Erdogan is no Ertugrul

30 July 2020 4:45 PM GMT
Erdogan’s attempts to establish himself as the successor to the Ottoman Empire are part of his overall agenda of shifting Turkey towards religious...

Out in the cold?

23 July 2020 5:38 PM GMT
As the nation looks to reviving the pandemic-struck economy, the plight of migrant labourers must be addressed with a revitalised system of employment...
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