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Owner of killer Mercedes remanded in police custody

Varun Maheswari, who was arrested on charges of Hazra Road hit-and-run case, was remanded in the custody of the police for two days after being produced before the Alipore Court on Thursday afternoon.

It may be recalled that following the accident, in which a 24-year-old youth was killed after being hit by Varun’s Mercedes car, a mob had vandalised Fort Oasis housing complex and damaged around 75 cars.

Varun was arrested on Wednesday from near his house after evading the police for three days since the incident took place and was produced before the Alipore Court on Thursday afternoon.

In the court, the state’s counsel submitted that the nature of the accident on Hazra Road and Red Road was same. The victim and his friends, who were travelling in a scooty, had shown their hands indicating the car to stop. But the driver of the car accelerated and hit the scooty which resulted in the death of one of the youth. Varun had left the car and the spot soon after the accident. Preliminary investigation revealed that he had fled apprehending getting beaten up by local people.

The defence lawyer, however, submitted that Varun’s car was not at a high speed. If the car had hit the scooty at even at a speed of 40 km per hour then all three youths would have been killed. The reason being the Mercedes car was not like five other cars.

The lawyer submitted that both the car and the scooty were seized. The airbag of the car had come out and the car didn’t move in such condition. Then where is the question of fleeing? The lawyer also submitted that none of the youth on the scooty were wearing helmets.

After hearing both the counsels of the state and defence, the court on Thursday sent Varun to police custody for two days.

According to the experts in premium vehicles, sensors are installed which stop the engine when the cars hit against some solid objects. In the Red Road hit and run case, the Audi, which Sambia Sohrab was driving first hit the iron railings and then the Indian Air force officer, who died on the spot. He tried to accelerate but the engine of the vehicle stopped as the sensors got damaged.

 Similarly, in Hazra Road hit-and-run case after hitting the youth, who was riding the scooty, the driver tried to accelerate the car but could not take it away as the engine got locked following damage of the highly sensitive electronic sensors.

The police, however, interrogated Varun to know whether he was alone in the car or if there was anyone else in the vehicle. Police had initially received information that there was someone called Rebecca in the car. But during interrogation on Thursday Varun ruled out the possibility of the presence of any woman in his car and claimed that the car was being driven by him, sources said.
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