On turning 22

On turning 22
For the last 22 years, they inspired many a musical stories; sold music online for free, without ever releasing a single full-length album. In 1991, they embarked on a musical voyage as a Delhi college band and continued to strike chords, rule hearts, and create magical sound records. That is, in brief, the story of Parikrama@22. For more, we caught up with Subir Malik, the keyboardist of the band, ahead of their performance at Hard Rock Café on 28 June.

Starting from Delhi college circuit 22 years ago to the pinnacle of Indie rock bands, how has the journey been?

Whatever most of us are today- personally, musically, professionally – it is all because of the band. The band has taught us so many things in our lives. As a band it has been a great fun ride; each and every day was a cherished moment, each and every day a brilliant memory. It’s a journey very few in the world get to live through and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

How has the Indie music scene evolved in your perspective?

Majorly, the Internet changed everything. Now Indie musicians and bands do not have to rely on the big music labels to be heard; they just record an album at home, upload and start making fans. Their music is heard and heard good. Besides so many pubs, festivals etc. have come up, funding has come in; this is the best time to be a musician in India.

Delhi colleges are mushrooming with bands wanting to emulate your story, any piece of advice for them?

Of course! Be focused, make rules, follow them, stay off drugs completely, do not drink alcohol before a gig, keep those egos out, talk and sort problems, work hard , get a good manager , and loads more.

Heard you are going to play a few of your original compositions for this series. What's up on the platter for Delhites?

Yes, we are playing two brand new original compositions. Also, Xerox (our first ever original) after almost 20 years , Don’t cut me down (after 1998),besides loads of other stuff.

As you celebrate the 22-year-long bonding, what's the plan ahead, say for the silver jubilee?

Parikrama@.. is going to be an annual event. We have travelled to four cities-Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune- before ending here in Delhi on 28 June. After these five, there are going to be many gigs this years under Parikrama@22 banner. And we hope to see you next year as well at Parikrama @ 23.
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