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On an electronic warfront, are we?

What could be more ironical than the ministers and bureaucrats, who are supposed to shore up our rickety cybersecurity laws and provisions, themselves preferring to use the ‘easier’ but ‘unsafe’ email services? If the likes of Kapil Sibal and his retinue of online warriors, who supposed to draft laws to ensure greater electronic security and enable foolproof safeguards for government communications, themselves prefer using Gmail and Hotmail, two of the favourite American email services, then what can we say of the rest of us lesser beings? The preference for Gmail, although ubiquitous amongst the ordinary user of the Internet, specially the techno-savvy, urban, student or professional, whose life, at least a substantial chunk of it, probably unfolds on social media, might appear intriguing when coming from someone who is supposed to handle the ministry of telecommunications. It is perhaps a scathing comment on the state of affairs itself, and the ministers are too smug or myopic, or both, to notice the problem.

Despite the gigantic snooping scandal that unraveled in the past months, evidently, our ministers, that too the IT and IB ministers, are least bothered about maintaining the privacy and sanctity of their official correspondences. It is as if that is a complete non-issue, since that is, who can tell, routine, or expected? Why is NSA’s tapping into Indian official databases not a problem for the country’s top public office holders? And why does a government email service still continue to be slow and inefficient, with small storage space in offer and less robust, as compared to the private and foreign telecommunications giants?
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