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Of talent big and little hands

Of talent big and little hands
Carrying forward its philosophy to promote upcoming talent, Art Life Gallery in has now decided to literally catch them young. One of the largest galleries in Delhi and NCR area, is now holding The Colour of Mistletoe - an exhibition of artworks by ?26 ??children.

Pratibha Agarwal, copromoter of Art Life Gallery, says, “We continue to be a strong patron of arts and it is in continuation of this philosophy that we’ve conducted the group show by children.” She says the intent is to explore the vivid imagination of little children. 

“Besides livening up the gallery walls with their beautiful and colourful works, we are giving them an opportunity to express their creativity through paintings, drawings and collages.” Agarwal says the emphasis is on displaying completed artworks, which distinguishes Art Life Gallery from most other children’s art programmes.

“Here, young people participate fully in selecting, mounting, organizing and hanging art,” says Agarwal.  There’s a variety of works ranging from canvas to murals to paper collages under the guidance of their mentors Shivani Sharma and Amrit Kapoor, which is definitely a treat to the eyes. 
Says Shivani Sharma, “All the children have toggled with various mediums like oil pastels, acrylics, poster paints, dry pastels, charcoal etc.” There are 23 kids participating in the exhibition, Dhritika, Tiya, Anoushka, Ashnee, Kashvi, Yash, Veer, Natalia, Garv, Tiana, Sarah, Kavya, Aanya, Rimjhim, Joy, Riya, Mehak, Nadia, Somuya, Sanjana, Gauri and Elina. 
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