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Need to check acid attacks on women

The instances of crimes against women are continuing. Some women have been injured recently by miscreats in Delhi and in some towns. These acid attacks on women are condemnable.  They are an affront to womenhood. This government has been unable to fight crime against women in the last several months. Matters went out of hand in Delhi in December.  The government was unable to do anything for several weeks. It is inexplicable that this happened. Now instances of this crime have surfaced. The matter is being agitated in the Supreme Court. It has observed that the government is failing to prevent acid attacks on women. It has said that effective steps have been taken by the government to address this issue. It has said that the government has yet addressed the issue and it is not serious about it. The Supreme Court has condemned this crime. Its remarks about the government may be a bit strong. The Court may have fully considered the issue before stating a view and its comments are a bit too strong. 

    The government should have placed its view before the Supreme Court. It may be that the apex court was less than fully in the know. The Supreme Court should have made its views known after hearing the government. Only a few instances have taken place but the court has made a comment about the whole country. The government must not be callous about this crime. It is surprising that they take place. People in India did not indulge in such types of crimes. People in India respect women. It may be that there are miscreants on the loose who indulge in them. These trends in crime are disturbing.  People must be sensitised about this crime. Women must be empowered. The judiciary must be careful about making comments about the executive. The government has to look after all those persons affected by this crime. The government must take steps to protect the women yet they should remain free. The criminals should be suitably dealt with.
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