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'UPA III won't succeed'

UPA III wont succeed
New Delhi: Claiming that some regional parties were reluctant in accepting Congress as leader of an anti-BJP alliance, the CPI(M) has said the best way to stop the saffron party's juggernaut would be to pool in all-BJP votes statewise ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
"Congress won't succeed with another UPA experiment as it has lost all credibility and the best way to defeat the BJP in the next Lok Sabha election will be to pool in all anti-BJP votes statewise," said an editorial in the CPI(M) journal 'People's Democracy'.
The editorial comes after the Leftist party, in its draft political resolution released last month, ruled out an understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress to defeat the BJP. The party had also ruled out a national-level alliance with any regional party.
Giving examples of regional satraps like BJD, TRS and TDP, the CPI(M) said such parties would not accept to forge an alliance with the Congress. However, interestingly, leaders from about 20 parties, including the CPI(M), attended the dinner hosted by Sonia Gandhi to discuss an anti-BJP front ahead of the crucial polls next year.
"There are many regional parties like the BJD in Odisha, the TRS in Telangana and the TDP in Andhra Pradesh who will not accept to be a partner in an alliance with the Congress. There are other
parties who are chary of accepting the Congress as the leader of the alliance," the CPI(M) said, naming itself as one of them.
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