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Herbal drugs solution to kidney ailments

New Delhi: As the world will be celebrating World Kidney Day on Thursday, there is good news for the patients suffering from critical kidney ailments. The experts have found an answer to renal disorders in Ayurveda.

According to experts, there is an ayurvedic plant called punarnava that can give life to kidney failures and dialysis patients. The ayurvedic medicine prepared by using punarnava is so effective that besides infection, kidney transplantation could also be avoided.

According to Dr SK Agrawal, who heads Nephrology department of AIIMS, there are over 200 kidney patients reaching the OPD every day and out of those 70 per cent of the patients are of kidney failures or dialysis.

Explaining the benefits of ayurvedic medicine, Dr KN Dwivedi, Professor at Banaras Hindu University, said, "It can be cured by a timely diagnosis of the life taking disease. In the study papers of the BHU, it had appeared that ayurvedic drug Neeri KFT proved to be beneficial in curing kidney disease."

According to a research paper published in the Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Neeri KFT is prepared by using punarnava plant along with gokhru, varun, parthapura, kamal kakari and it helps in controlling the creatinine, urea and protein in the kidneys.

In order to save people from life taking diseases, the government has approved 12,500 health and wellness centres. According to government officials, apart from screening, patients would also be treated with ayurvedic drugs like Neeri KFT by 2021.

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