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Mental health awareness week to be celebrated

Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Science [IHBAS] and State Council Health Authority [SMHA] celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week [MHAW] in order to spread the awareness as well as to upgrade and strengthen mental health services in Delhi.

The week long programme started with the inauguration ceremony and public seminar on Thursday followed by camps and workshops across various parts of Delhi to be organised everyday during the course of the week.

Senior Dr Nimesh G Deasai, Director of IHBAS informed that ‘IHBAS has taken the special initiatives for the homeless and destitute population such as the community outreach services for the homeless in Jama Masjid area and the Mobile Mental Health Unit.

IHBAS also provides community outreach under National Mental Health Programme in five districts of Delhi.’

He also informed that ‘the network of mental health services include those being provided by various government and non government agencies working in the field of mental health.’

On Thursday, speaking to the media, the various faculty members of IHBAS focused on key areas related to mental health and neuro sciences.

The transformation of IHBAS from custodial mental hospital to the territory care academic hospital based institution dealing with brain and mind problems were also highlighted during the meet.

The faculty from various departments of IHBAS also responded to the questions related to the magnitude of common neurological and psychiatric disorders like dementia, depression, epilepsy, stroke, developmental disorders.
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