Man, Machine and Music

Man, Machine and Music
Friday night came alive with the Cross- Continental Duo from Gods Robots performing live for the first time in Delhi. The occasion - the launch party of their debut album, a namesake of their band name, which was released on 7 June.

The album comprises of 13 songs that took three years and tonnes of cross-continental work to get into shape. Each song has a personal story behind its conception, stories that speak of them as individuals, about life, its struggle, and its evolution. 

Gods Robots brings to life a new brand of sound by seamlessly blending English and Hindi lyrics with a pop music, classical Indian instrumentation and bass heavy rhythms. They came together 3 years ago when Shridevi and Janaka started collaborating.

The name Gods Robots has its origin in the idea that Janaka was introduced to while doing his PhD in cybernetics. With casual conversations on artificial intelligence, spirituality, and the internet, it just all fell into place.  The duo met each other over the internet and initially worked through Skype, emails etc for the first 6 months while working on a song for a radio show on BBC.

 Shridevi is a trained south Indian classical vocalist while Janaka brings in his electronic dance music, trance and dub-step to the sounds.After a lot of hard work put in over the internet, they had their first performance in Bangalore. 'We struggled a lot to get the tracks together over the internet, it took a lot of hard work for us to reach where we are today,’ said Janaka when asked about the experience of working over the internet.

The music played on Friday night brought out themes from different cultural ideas into one place. It was fascinating  to note that the lines between their cultural ideas was invisible. They weaved the lyrics and  classical/traditional sounds with electronic music, forming an impactful musical symphony.
The performance had a mystic and electrifying effect on the gathering when duo played the foot tapping and groovy music from their latest album.
Anuradha Riya Ganguli

Anuradha Riya Ganguli

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