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'Strict action against workers found taking money from BJP'

Strict action against workers found taking money from BJP

Kolkata: Cautioning her party workers against accepting money from the saffron party, Trinamool Congress (TMC) Chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Monday said the forthcoming poll is a fight to save the tradition and culture of Bengal. While addressing a rally at Barjora in Bankura, Banerjee said she would turn the worst enemy of a person if he or she would be found betraying the party by accepting money from the BJP.

"This fight is not to form a government in Delhi, but to elect a stable government for the state and it is the fight to save the tradition and culture of Bengal," Banerjee added.

Stating that it had not become possible for anyone to break her despite repeated attacks, she said: "They (BJP) will try to buy votes by giving money. They did the same in 2014 Lok Sabha polls by spending lakhs of rupees. This time, I am keeping a close eye on the situation and on everyone. They even try to give money to election agents in different districts. No one will be the worst enemy than me if anyone takes money to buy votes (in favour of BJP)."

"Also, please don't accept any food and cigarettes from a stranger during the voting exercise. Don't go anywhere leaving the EVMs unguarded, no matter who asks you to, she cautioned. The CM also urged the electorate to steer clear of people who offer gifts in exchange of votes. "I won't ask you to reject the offer because anything that they are giving you has been bought with misappropriated public money. But do not vote for them," she insisted.

Recollecting about the past attacks on her, Banerjee said: "CPI(M) had attacked me and I had received severe injuries on my head. I was attacked and miscreants opened fire at me when I went to Garden Reach after receiving information that the husband of a pregnant woman was beaten to death inside a police lockup. A youth had then saved my life by receiving the bullet on his arm. It was on July 21 in 1993 when I had received severe injuries on my waist. Till now, I put on a belt. Now, they have injured my leg. But, they have failed to break me as I am morally strong and will keep fighting for the people's rights till the last breath of my life."

On Monday, Banerjee addressed three back-to-back rallies at Kotulpur, Indas and Barjora in Bankura district. TMC has fielded Sangeeta Malik, Alok Mukherjee and Runu Mete from Kotulpur, Indas and Barjora Assembly constituencies respectively. She urged people to vote for the TMC candidates.

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