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'Modi taking cut money for vaccine doses'

Modi taking cut money for vaccine doses

KOLKATA: Alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was taking 'cut money' for vaccine doses, Abhishek Banerjee, president of Trinamool Youth Congress, on Wednesday demanded 'one nation one vaccine price.'

"After great embarrassment over vaccine prices, the Centre has reduced it for the states from Rs 400 to Rs 300. However, the Centre is still procuring the vaccines for Rs 150, and the States have been forced to pay double the amount. This differentiation is unjustified," Abhishek tweeted.

The leader further tweeted: "@narendramodi ji govt is looting the states & taking cut money from vaccines meant to save the people of our country from this devastating pandemic. Is the PM creating this unjust difference because 63% of India never voted for him? We demand #OneNationOneVaccinePrice!"

Meanwhile, while addressing a press conference, TMC MP Saugata Roy alleged that unable to face the acute shortage of the supply of vaccine doses and oxygen, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were passing the buck to the state governments.

"This is the old technique of Modi and Shah that whenever in trouble they pass the buck to the state government," he said.

Roy alleged that when the country was facing a major crisis, Modi and Shah were busy with the Central Vista. "Lopsided priorities have created the mess and they are to be blamed," he added.

Roy demanded that the Centre should ensure adequate supply of the vaccine doses and to do that capital subsidies should be increased and steps should be taken so that the vaccine manufacturers expand their production capacity.

Calling the Election Commission 'a super spreader', Roy said: "Trinamool Congress chairperson had urged the EC to club the last three phases of election into one which they denied." He said in the last two phases elections would be held in 71 Assembly constituencies. The total number of voters would be around 1.79 crore. A total of 4.5 lakh polling personnel would be involved along with party agents and security personnel. "As a result of this, there will be a large number of persons who would be exposed. This could have been avoided," Roy said, hoping that the elections are held maintaining all the Covid protocols during the last phase.

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