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Modi should be ashamed to seek votes in name of soldiers: Mamata

Raigunj: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee alleged that the BJP is using all institutions politically to win the forthcoming Lok Sabha election and criticised him for seeking votes in the name of soldiers and martyrs.

Addressing a rally here on Tuesday afternoon, she said: "He is now seeking votes in the name of martyrs and soldiers as if the Army belongs to him as if it is their fiefdom. The armed forces belong to everybody. It is our pride. He should first answer why so many jawans were killed in Pulwama despite intelligence inputs of such an attack."

Comparing Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah with Duryodhana and Dushshasana of the Mahabharata, she claimed that they are trying to take away India's independence.

Elections will be held in Raigunj on April 18. Kanaia Lal Agarwal is Trinamool's candidate while Dipa Das Munshi is contesting on a Congress ticket. Mohammad Selim, the sitting MP is contesting from CPI(M) while the BJP has fielded Debashree Chowdhury. Selim had won by 1,634 votes in 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

The Chief Minister maintained: "BJP is using all the institutions along with muscle and money power to win the Lok Sabha polls by hook or by crook. The United Front is the force to reckon with and we are all united." She urged people to vote for the TMC and to oust BJP from the Centre. She reiterated that her party will play a major role in the formation of the new government in Delhi. "Modi is letting loose CBI, ED and DRI against those who are raising questions. This is a fascist government and after seeing Modi, even Hitler would have committed suicide."

Coming down heavily on the Prime Minister for not doing any work in the past five years and changing his identity from a 'chaiwala' to "fake" chowkidar, she even narrated a fable to explain Modi's role.

"For the last five years, he could not build the Ram temple (at Ayodhya). But whenever election approaches, he rakes up the issue. The people are not fools. You cannot befool them every time," she said and mentioned that she has respect for every religion in the country.

Banerjee said in the past five years, Modi had been to various foreign countries. His policies have economically ruined the country. "Note ban has affected lakhs of people who are yet to recover from the loss. People stood in long queues to withdraw their own money outside banks and many died in the process. There is mounting unemployment in the country," she stated.

"India has never seen such an arrogant Prime Minister whose only business is self-publicity. Jawahar coat is now known as Modi coat. A cinema on Modi's life is coming up too. This is most unfortunate," she said.

The Chief Minister urged people to cast their votes judiciously. "Do not waste your vote by casting it in favour of CPI(M), Congress and BJP. In the past year, the CPI(M) did not do anything for the development of the area. There is a clandestine pact between the Congress, CPI(M) and BJP and it is only the TMC that works for the people and takes up pro-development projects," she said.

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