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Many patients with unknown fever at Habra hospital but few doctors

Kolkata: Many patients have been undergoing treatment at Habra State general hospital with fever but the number of specialised doctors is pitifully low.
Four persons allegedly died of unknown fever in the past 24 hours. Many more patients are undergoing treatment in the hospital but the number of the medicine doctors in the hospital is pitifully low. To somehow manage the situation, doctors from various other departments including that of the ENT are treating the patients who are down with fever.
A senior official of the hospital said that as there was is a dearth of medicine doctors in the hospital, various doctors from the other departments are attending to the patients. It was learnt that many of these patients who have been a victim of this fever are also vomiting.
According to a senior official of the state Health department, the situation will improve from Monday. The official also admitted that there is a scarcity of doctors in some of the hospitals.
The family members of some of the patients said that their patients are suffering from dengue-like symptoms. They also alleged that the disease was not detected and no proper treatment had begun for their treatment.
The senior official of the Health department said that there is a scarcity of doctors in the hospitals as there is no adequate supply of doctors.
According to an expert, there are two reasons behind this. Firstly, the number of medical seats was not increased as per the requirement of doctors. Secondly, even those who have passed out prefer to join private hospitals instead of government hospitals.
Earlier, the situation was even worse. After becoming the Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee had not only increased the medical seats but also revamped health infrastructure in the state-run hospitals.
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