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Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate launches 2 apps

Kolkata: The Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate has introduced two mobile phone apps for the residents of the areas under its jurisdiction. The apps ahead of Durga Puja will be of immense benefit to the common people.
First of all, the Bipad Sathi app will help citizens whenever they will be in any distress. The other app — Puja Parikrama — that has been introduced will be helpful for pandal-hoppers.
Using the Bipad Sathi app, one can add phone numbers of five persons to whom they can contact in any emergency. The user just needs to press the designated key in the cell phone and SMSs will be sent to cell phones of the five persons. The police will also get alerted at the same time. Necessary steps will be taken in an immediate basis to ensure safety and security of the person who is in distress.
It will be of immense help for elderly people who need to stay all alone in their houses. In case they are in any problem, they can send alerts to the police and five others by just clicking one button in the cell phone.
At the same time, one may also use the "Track Me live" option if he/she feels unsafe while walking alone at night or during any such situations. The police will be getting message in case the person using "Track Me live" is facing any problem and will rush to the spot as early as possible. The police are trying to ensure that their reaction time is 5 to 10 minutes to reach a spot in such cases to help the person in distress and the police have named it as "real-time assistance". The app is also a platform through which a common man can upload a crime scene that he witnessed and recorded in his cell phone. The app also helps a person in seeking help of assistance from fire stations.
Meanwhile, the Puja Parikrama app will help in getting relevant information about the Durga Pujas within the area of around 5 km radius from the location of the user. Moreover, it will help a pandal-hopper identifying in knowing the route that they need to follow to reach a Puja pandal.
One can also use the app to locate the nearest eateries, transport facilities available in the area, etc.
The Bidhannagar Police have also unveiled a Puja Guide Map that one can use while hopping from one pandal to another.
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