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‘Just warm up with your love'

‘Just warm up with your love
My mother-in-law is very superstitious. She lives with us and her daily behaviour is causing me immense irritation. What can I do?
Devika, Chandigarh

Avoid her. Ignore all tempatations to get irritated. I do understand, this is much easier said than done. But, some solutions come only with patience. Usually people don’t change. More so, if the person concerned is elder. Spend quality time with your husband. He is the prime reason why you are with your mother-in-law and his support is your strength.

Last week I have realized that my 9 year old daughter gets physically abused by my husband’s cousin who lives with us. He’s a student and hence we host him. I’m completely shattered. What should I do?
Mrs Sethia, Punjab

Just accost this b****** and organise another accomodation for him immediately. This is a crime and please don’t ignore this. Try to slowly educate your child on this issue. Handle it very carefully The pervert should realize his mistake but too much of attention might hamper the fragile mind of your little one. Don’t do anything harsh in front of her but as I said earlier, please forget all politeness and warn him to stay away from her.

I’m married for last 4 months. Whenever I’ve tried getting close to my wife, she is very cold. Her reluctance forces me to stay away! Is this normal?
Tejas, New Delhi

Well, there could be a few reasons. Firstly, she is cold because she’s taking time to know you and open up. Secondly, she has had a bad experience in her past that is shadowing her mind. Thirdly, she is not too sexually active as a person. I suggest, have an open conversation with her. Maybe you can go for a vacation and then you slowly try to warm her up with your love. If nothing is working, consult a professional. Don’t stop expressing your love and desire of closeness.

My best friend for last 10 years has suddenly changed her attitude towards me. After my dad gifted me a car on my birthday, I realize this more. She constantly taunts me. How do I handle this?
Prea, New Delhi

Humans do have an ugly tendency to compete. Have you tried talking to her? You can even write an email. Friendship like any other relationship is a mutual association. If the other person doesn’t reciprocate or respect your feelings, take a back seat. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and if the person is your ‘best friend’, such materialism should be the last reason for a fallout!

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