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‘ISIS justifies enslaving, having sex with non-believers’

The Sunni jihadi organization ISIS has justified the enslavement of non-Muslim women and children and sexual intercourse with them, not sparing even pre-pubescent girls. This message has been propagated in a pamphlet titled “Question and Answers on Female Slaves and their Freedom”, which was distributed to the people of  Mosul, which the extremists control, after sunset on Friday.The pamphlet also claimed that non-Muslim women and children could be sold off and given as gifts to others. “Most are shocked, but (we) cannot do much about it,” said a resident of Mosul about the IS pamphlet. Many accounts of the ISIS kidnapping, selling and raping women and children have surfaced since the group began its brutal run through Syria and Iraq, according to the CNN. These are on top of other allegations, such as the killings of innocent civilians simply because they did not subscribe to the IS’s extreme take on the Sharia law.



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