Indulging in delicacies of spring

Indulging in delicacies of spring
It is often seen that vegetarians struggle to eat authentic dishes and very few places offer what suits their palate. To ease the struggle, Chef Veena Arora from the Imperial shares the recipie of Tauhu Nerng- chilled silky bean curd with basil which is a part of Spice Route’s Vegan Special at The Imperial, New Delhi, which will be on from March 12 till 20. The curated menu will offer a perfect tease to your senses with mock meat as a star ingredient and keeps you light, this season. 

TAUHU NERNG- chilled silky bean curd with basil

• Bean curd silky- 1 no.
• Lemon grass- ½ tsp
• Basil- 5 gms
• Light soya sauce- 5 ml
• Gelatin- ¼ sheet
• Kaffir leaves- 5 gms

Soak gelatin in water and heat it. Blend the beancurd. Blend the lemongrass. Put kaffir leaves into a very thin thread. Mix all the above ingredients and light soya. 

Take a mould and line it with clean wrap and pour the above mixture. Chill it for 3 hours and serve it on a bed of basil.


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