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India may oppose EU threat to fine AI, Jet

India is likely to oppose the reported European Union (EU) threat to impose fines on Air India and Jet Airways for not accepting EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and not reporting their emissions over European sky. Refusing to be cowed down by the EU threat, officials said several European carriers overfly India for which they require permission.

The officials said India has the option of taking counter-measures which could 'prove costly for European carriers'. Indian airlines also have major aircraft orders from European firms like Airbus and its parent company EADS, which constitute Europe's most important exports.

India had last year joined Russia, China, the US and about 18 other major countries in opposing EU-ETS. India and China had also asked their airlines not to participate in a permit system that entitled them and other producers of greenhouse gases like a steel factory, to emit greenhouse gases by paying for the right to emit them.

Officials said that India and several other nations, which are major aviation nations, have been opposing EU-ETS as it was 'ultra vires and went counter to the provisions of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (a UN body).'
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