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‘Importance of personal milestones has diminished’

 Agencies |  2016-12-13 22:02:13.0  |  Mumbai

‘Importance of personal milestones has diminished’

Indian captain Virat Kohli on Monday said that the importance of personal milestones is of little significance under his leadership.

“One thing that I really wanted the team to do was express themselves in Test matches and not think about personal performances,” said Kohli at the post-match interaction.

“Because a lot of the times, you have an hour in the Test match where you can take the game away and you are still not willing to go for it because you are close to your milestone or things like that. These are the things that we have gotten out of our system completely. We just look at the situation and play and that is why we have been in winning positions more often than not,” Kohli explained.

When Kohli was asked what went wrong with England team, he did make a statement for all those who could understand what he effectively meant. “I am no one or in no position to question someone else’s technique or someone else’s faults. They should understand it themselves and work on it. As international cricketers, it is their responsibility. So I am not going to sit here and play sarcastic mind games. I want to focus on good cricket and that is exactly what we have done.”

The skipper did take a dig without naming anyone that Indian teams have always been graceful in defeat.
“We focus on our strengths, we accept defeat pretty gracefully. We have never complained, we always find faults in our game and try to improve that. That is exactly what we keep doing in every game that we play.” 

Kohli said the series triumph was sweet revenge for having tasted defeat against the same opponents, three times in a row, did not come on a platter.

“I don t think it s been easy. We have been put under pressure many times. I think I would give my team a lot of credit for bouncing back from those tough situations. We haven t got anything on the platter. We have had to work hard for it. And it s been a result of constant pressure that we have forced the opposition to make mistakes.

“With the bat as well we have shown really good character to come back into the game, showing enough patience, more than the opposition, so I would credit my team than calling it an easy series. No series win is easy, especially not this one.



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