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Homing Pigeons take flight in the city

 Sylvester Tamang |  2013-04-12 23:27:58.0  |  New Delhi

Homing Pigeons take flight in the city

The city witnessed a high profile book launch at the IHC Wednesday evening. The Homing Pigeons, written by ex-banker turned writer Sid Bahri, was launched at a glittering event attended by the likes of Rakesh Agarwal, Chris Miller, Ina Puri, Sadia Dehelvi and others. The chief guest for the event was renowned writer, Anuja Chauhan and guest of honour was entrepreneur cum restaurateur Ramola Bachchan. The novel comes with its own official soundtrack by Rishikesh. The band has collaborated in a first of its kind  work for fiction.

Shashi Tharoor, HRD minister, was all praises for Bahri. He said,'The book is a remarkable feat by a first-time novelist. Poignant in its intensity, The Homing Pigeons is exquisitely rendered.' The story is set in the backdrop of a changing India caught in the throes of 2008 recession and revolves around a couple who fall in love.

Bahri said,'The Homing Pigeons was started in 2008, but it went into cold storage because I was too busy earning a living. A sort of living that filled the coffers but starved the soul. It was only in early 2012 that my soul revolted and refused to starve any longer.'

'It was a decision of the heart to thaw the book and remove it from the dark confines of the cold storage. I leave it to you to decide if it is worth the pain',he added. The author even hinted for the sequel but refused to divulge any details. He did reveal later that it would be a father-daughter love story.

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