HIDCO to fine builders for littering construction debris

HIDCO to fine builders for littering construction debris
The Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) will slap a fine of Rs 50,000 on builders who will not stack construction materials in the earmarked area.

The decision was taken by the HIDCO board, its chairman Debashis Sen said. This is first time in the state when builders will be fined for not stacking construction materials properly.

As massive construction is going on in New Town and it has been found that some builders are flouting norms by not stacking construction materials properly. The materials have clogged the drainage system causing water logging in some areas which has caused inconvenience to the residents.

To stop this menace the HIDCO authorities have chalked out plans ahead of the monsoon season. It has been decided that instead of shunning owners of the land, the builders will be pulled up. Earlier, the HIDCO authorities lodged awareness campaign asking builders to stack construction materials in a proper way. Notices were put up. But such exercises have yielded lukewarm response.

It has been decided that HIDCO officials will earmark the area near the construction site to stack building materials. A fine of Rs 50,000 will be slapped on the builders.

The HIDCO will launch massive campaign against improper littering in the area. The campaign will continue for three to four months asking people from all walks of life to stop improper littering. 

It may be recalled that in Eco Park where over 48 lakh people have visited since its inception and  which is the most  popular destination  of the city, HIDCO has slapped a fine of Rs 100 for littering. But till date not a single case of littering has been reported. Eco park is known for its cleanliness. There is a huge water body with boating facility, a restaurant and several gardens and a toy train in the area.

The union Urban Development minister Venkaiah  Naidu had said that New Town will be declared as a smart city. HIDCO will submit the plans before the Urban Development ministry by April 15. 

Once New Town is declared a smart city it will get Rs 100 crore from the Centre for five years and another Rs 100 crore from the state government for the same period. 


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