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‘Having baby is a mutual decision’

‘Having baby is a mutual decision’
My mother is very partial towards my elder sister. I’m in 11th class and she’s studying engineering. This really upsets me!
Deven, Kanpur
Sometimes parents are a bit partial towards the first born. And I completely understand your feelings. But, to you I must say - hold onto your emotions. Don’t be upset. Life is a long journey and it is yet to begin! Be a good guy and focus on building yourself for a better tomorrow. Be such a person that everyone is proud of you. Don’t let small things demotivate you.  These are hurdles that you have to overcome. Just continue your best and the rest will follow. Good Luck!

My husband is 10 years older than me. He doesn’t seem to be interested in having a child! We had an arranged marriage and he loves me a lot. What to do? I’m tired and frustrated!

Name not given
The decision of having a child has to be a mutual one. You have to establish your desire and clearly state your mind. It is quite selfish on his part to be ignorant about such a vital aspect. May be you can involve the parents or any other close member of the family or friend who in turn can help him understand the need of an offspring. Please don’t lose heart and I’m sure everything will fall into place someday soon. You can trick him into a situation of visiting a doctor, that might help. Be confident and don’t compromise on this at all.  

Hi I am 22 year old girl. I have been in a relationship from 2 years. My parents don’t like this relationship and I also am losing interest on this love. Please suggest me a solution so that he could leave me forever.
T.Singh, Madhya Pradesh
Just speak to him, that there is no love from your side. The whole point in a relationship is to have reciprocating feeling and trust. If either of them is lost then relationship gets weak and eventually dies. You will have to make him understand that, continuing this relationship will only hurt both of you and will spread to your family members as well. Talk and get it resolved. I am confident that you will be able to resolve it. If this gets difficult and nasty, involve your family and seek their help to sort this. Be confident of your decision and execute it.

I can’t get over my past marriage. My ex partner is married and looks happy too. I’m somehow not being able to get over the divorce and land up calling him at times. How can I forget her and carry on? What’s your suggestion?

Raghudev, Haryana
Well, it’s a matter of a decision that led to the divorce and it is a matter of another decision to stay away. It might take many weeks or years to get over this broken marriage but as your partner is already settled, you should refrain from communicating. Focus and divert your attention on other things. Keep yourself busy with work and friends and I sincerely wish you the power to conquer all temptations.

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