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Hang-me confession part of ploy: lawyers

Hang-me confession part of ploy: lawyers
Vinay Sharma, an assistant gym instructor and one of the accused in the Sunday night gangrape case, told the Saket court judge on Wednesday to hang him when he was produced with the others arrested, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh. His statement in court was measured, though.

When the judge asked whether he would volunteer to undergo a Test Identification Parade (TIP), Vinay said, ‘I had beaten up the boy but did nothing with the girl. Mujhe fansi de do (Hang me)’, but refused to undergo TIP. Pawan also refused to undergo TIP, saying: ‘I have committed a heinous act.’

Lawyers say these measured confessions are a ploy to get the sympathy of the court as well as the people and the accused are hoping to get milder punishment from the court. Legal eagles are unanimous in their belief that the accused are in consultation with their lawyers and are saying such things to benefit during the trial stage of the case or trying to be become approvers.

‘By saying so, they are trying to turn approvers in the case later on and hoping to get milder punishment,’ said noted lawyer KTS Tulsi.

‘They must be in consultation with their lawyers before saying what they did. They might be trying to get their statements recorded before the court to question the confessional statements given to the police,’ said Supreme Court criminal lawyer DB Goswami.
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