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Govt loses plot on LPG scheme

The government has caused a lot of uncertainty in the minds of housewives. A few weeks ago, hours after raising cooking gas prices, the government put it on a hold. Now it wants to put a cap on the number of LPG cylinders.The government had claimed that the economy was in dire straits.

However, it continued to wreck the household economy by raising prices the very day it put it on hold. The government’s policy towards LPG is entirely inexplicable. Hours after doing so, it went slow on its decision and did not implement it. The government’s policy towards LPG cylinders is inexplicable. By all accounts, the government claimed it had not changed its mind as the hold on the rise in the price of LPG was only temporary. Yet it has now put the number of LPG cylinders on hold.

So there seems to be a vascillation in policy. This is not a sound economic policy but a decision dictated by political concerns.

With elections round the corner, the government seems to be taking decisions to swing votes in its favour. The law does not permit the taking of such decisions so close to elections. So the Congress-led UPA coalition seems to be defying the law. There is neither any need to raise prices nor is there any justification for putting them on a hold.

Political parties in power are not allowed to make economic decisions at this time. These are seen to be for political gains. The unaccountable fluctuations in prices play havoc with the lives of the common people. The prices keep jumping up and down. The government had already hiked the prices of petrol and diesel. With salaries not rising and with prices of commodities going up, everyone is suffering. Politicians in power seem to be living comfortable lives. The government is following a policy at cross-purposes with public interest. There is no clarity on policy. The coalition partners and the allies, who are with the Congress have not been responding to the people’s needs.
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