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From the period medieval

From the period medieval
Art Heritage Collection - a show that displays the collection of designer soft furnishing items like bed linen, cushion covers, dining mats, etc. inspired  by the traditional art of the medieval period  and nineteenth century British period is being organised in the Capital. The event that started off on 15 October is conceptualised by Anjali Jain .

Aesthetically designed, these colourful items are influenced by the miniature paintings of the Mughal and Rajput style. Some are also inspired by the exotic geometrical designs of  the jaalis and jharokhas of the Rajput and Muslim architecture.

The other half is inspired by the Bengal woodcut designs of the  nineteenth century. Paintings by the British and Indian artists  reflecting  the lifestyle of those bygone days are also included in the designs.

The collection is a medley of chirpy bird designs, the exotic romance of the Kishangarh and Rajput paintings, the majesty and exuberance of the Mughal  paintings and the geometric perfection and appeal of the Mughal architecture.

The show could perhaps be highlighted by a song and dance Ballet mainly Kathak based showing the Radha- Krishna romance, the court dances of the mughals easing out to the times of the nautch girls of the era and western ballroom dances of the Sahibs.

Select City Walk, Saket  When: On till 19th october TIMINGS: 11 am to 11 pm
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