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Fly for freedom

Fly for freedom
If you want to celebrate Independence Day the old fashioned way, Nehru Park is the right place for you. Participate in the Fly to Fight festival which was started by Delhi-based Mudit Kalra last year.

People gather at Nehru Park to fly kites, listen to some music to celebrate Independence Day. ‘I used to go to Nehru Park to fly kite as a child. We used to practise for more than a month and perfect the art so that our kite would be the last one in the sky on Independence Day. These days I find people less enthusiastic about flying kites, I felt that the tradition was slowly disappearing. A strong desire to revive the tradition was the only motivation behind the festival,’ says Kalra.

Last year the festival was associated with the anti-corruption movement, but this year it is all about celebrating individual freedom. ‘The kite represents our freedom. This year we just wanted to go back to basics, I think all Indians want to be free from evil and corruption, therefore, we chose the theme of individual freedom,’ adds Kalra.

‘We have nine kites with messages printed on them. These messages celebrate the mood of the event,’ he adds. There will be music with artistes like Vishal Jaiswal, Ali Saffudin and Chiranjib Deka performing. Last year, members from the Delhi Drum Circle had performed.

‘But this year there will have about 15 drummers, mostly those who support us,’ says Kalra. ‘We will have a kite flying competition, a kite painting competition apart from the usual music and kite flying,’ he adds.
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