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Fit and fine

Fit and fine
A fitness workshop has been organised by Bodhi, a NGO in association with  Bindiya Bhandari and Chirag Sethi that can help you to cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit. The workshop will start off with talk about the process Kundali Yoga, and the philosophy behind it, understanding the workings of the mind and its psychology.  The technical aspects about the process imply the holistic science, posture alignment and breathing techniques. Moving toward the  process which comprises of a combination of kriya's which is called movements, asanas( posture), breath, focus, chant and the music intelligently sequenced to co-ordinate with the movements, followed by guided yoga nidra and conscious relaxation.

Kundali Yoga is  a combination of all the yogic and scientific methods working with the nervous systems, glandular systems and the other systems within the body. It is perhaps the only yoga practice that divide the yoga community into two halves- the believers and the scepties. Bodhi is a international organisation devoted towards transforming human consciousness. Working on human problems such as stress, depression, emotional, anxiety, relationship, marital, addiction, psychological, physiological, philosophical, it has developed various courses and workshops specially designed for the generation of today considering all the difficulties faced by the individuals of today and the compatibility of body-mind to deal with all these issues and difficulties.
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