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Find a family

Find a family
We don’t have a kid. I want to adopt but my husband and his family are not keen! What can I do?
Kavya Singh, New Delhi

The decision of adoption is a very important decision. This has to be a mutual one, well planned and executed by both of you. The family members beyond you both have lesser roles to play. As your husband isn’t keen, your target should be to convince him into this. Once he realises how much you want it to happen, he surely will bend. Your conviction will help change his mind. Good luck!

My father died when I was 5 years old. My mother got married to my father’s friend. He is an alcoholic and beats my mother. I’m 16 years now and feel too helpless.
Tulsyan, Agra

The most important thing is YOU. You have to concentrate on your studies, career and future. You’re the one who will grow up to be your mother’s shoulder and strength. She must be tolerating the present to ensure a good future for all. If it gets impossible, approach the man and warn him of legal steps that you can take against him. Domestic violence is a crime and he can be punished. If need be, get some trustworthy member of your family involved and help your mother with your support. 

My spoken English is very weak and I feel very inferior. What can I do to overcome this?
A. Khan, New Delhi

The only way to overcome it is to face it strongly. Get admitted in a spoken english class. Fix a friend with whom you can converse over the phone atleast 15 minutes everyday. Your friend should rectify your mistakes and please don’t let any ego seep in. Learning is difficult and there is no substitute to regular practice. Read english newspapers and magazines aloud in front of the mirror atleast for half hour everyday. Watch english news channel and movies as often as you can. Even if you make mistakes, don’t stop trying. Its just practice and confidence that will make you learn anything. Be patient and keep your faith on yourself. Best wishes.

I love someone who is a compulsive flirt. He has relations with many. Many ‘close friends’ as he says. I still can’t get over this and hope he will love me someday, realize my emotions.
Name unknown, Kolkata
It’s a gamble you are playing. Don’t be hopeful that the music will play and the prince will ride the white horse your way! He seems like a player, the one who keeps and excel sheet to maintain database of his ‘close friends’! Suggest, you carry on your life and don’t expect much of this man. He looks like the sort who doesn’t know what he wants from his love life! Keep your love for the one who will value you and won’t treat you like an option. Let go of the man and concentrate on building your life in a better way. The best awaits for the one who waits.

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