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Fight the flab this summer

Fight the flab this summer
Summers are the time when you would like to flaunt those teeny-weeny shorts and show off a toned body in some itsy-bitsy clothing after you shed all the flab called ‘winterwear’. So this is also the time when you would want to stay fighting fight.

But sometimes that becomes a problem, especially after all the bingeing and comfort food that you indulged in during the cold winter days. So summers are also the time to fight the flab. We spoke to fitness experts and nutritionists about what are the best ways to get in shape.

Drinking lot of water, eating fresh vegetables and fruits like watermelon help in maintaining water level in your body, say nutritionists.

Drink lots of lime water, cool herbal tea, aam panna, coconut water, lassi and mint-based drinks without adding salt as salt causes water retention in the body. ‘Supplements in the form of multi-vitamins, minerals and proteins are also essential,’ says Suman Lata.

‘Skipping meals to turn slimmer is a joke, rather four meals a day is essential for a healthy life,’ says celebrity nutritionist Pooja makhija. ‘Keep your body hydrated by drinking 8-12 glasses of water daily,’ she adds.

Morning walk is a complete exercise if accompanied with some breathing exercises as it works on the heart, lungs and blood vessels. Says fitness expert Reema Sarin: ‘It is a good low-impact cardio exercise. Brisk walking is great for toning the legs, arms and abdominal muscles’.

Cardio exercises should be a must during the summer, preferably before you start your day. Since summers generally drain you out of energy, swimming is a great way to stay fit as it requires usage of all muscles and provides a fantastic cardio and body toning workout in water.

Yoga and meditation also have amazing benefits on the mind and body. However, make sure to take short breaks in between.

‘Spas are good for relaxing muscles but are essential after a heavy workout for few weeks’, says fitness expert Pratik Rao.
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