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Sharon Kodan Launches Mamour Paris Jewellery

'Mamour Paris Jewellery' is recently launched by Jewellery couturier and fashion blogger Sharon Kodan, who is a renowned international fashion, art and lifestyle influencer based in Paris. Mamour Paris Jewellery is better known for its handcrafted, antique bijouterie in a modern avatar with a collection of spectacle combining old world charm with 21st-century values.

The unique, effortless cool and sustainable fine luxury Jewellery brand born with the idea of creating 'objets d'art' luxury heirloom pieces made for the moving eye. The brand's ideology is deeply rooted in freedom and art space. The customers are loving it due to the brand's unique designs and storytelling along with it's strong link to the art world.

With a shift in perspective due to the pandemic, the year 2020 has been nothing short of an epiphany. "As we unlearn behaviours, break away from habits and take a minute to hear our own inner voice, we discover our truth. We recognise the shackles of everyday life and routines for what they are and look towards a future which is liberating, untethered and limitless," says Sharon, while talking about her collection.

Mamour Paris's motivation is to create for its customers Heirloom pieces that echo stories of an audacious, unique and free spirit where Mamour's designs find the right balance between art, modernity, and a link to the past.

When Asked Kodan said "Mamour, The Chronicles of Modern Heirlooms, is born with the idea of creating 'Objets d'Art', timeless and unique luxury pieces for the moving eye because everything in our world is art. "Mamour" is an odyssey, a journey of passion, source, and inspiration winding down to an expression that is unapologetically YOU. An elixir of an audacious and free spirit, as dreamy as daring - the very essence of Mamour.

Mamour's universe is a unique fairytale where audacity runs wild. Each piece of our collection is made to be perfectly imperfect and corresponds to the allegories of this spirited uniqueness."


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