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Revisiting guru shishya parampara

Kathak performance by the disciple of Rani Khanam will be held at Triveni Kala Sangam on February 1

Revisiting guru shishya parampara

Kautilya Foundation and Aamad Dance Centre are together organising Pratibha Vasantotsav on February 1, 2020, at Triveni Kala Sangam. The festival will celebrate 'Srijan', coming up on stage of a budding artist through Guru Shishya Parampara. It will emphasis different moods of 'Vasantotsav' and give out 'Ekta Ka Sandesh' (message of unity).

The event's highlight will be Nisha Kesari, a disciple of renowned Kathak Guru Rani Khanam. Nisha will be presenting items through her Kathak recital like Ardha Narishvara, Taal Dhamar, Gatnikas followed by a Surdas's composition. She would continue her performance with Taal Teentaal and also present Paran, Tihai, Kavvit to name a few.

Nisha Kesari began her formal training since the early age of 7. She was formally introduced to Kathak by her current guru Rani Khanam.

Nisha has performed at various festivals in India and abroad as a solo dancer and also a part of AAMAD Centre. She was awarded the prestigious CCRT Scholarship for Kathak Dance in the year 2014. She continues to be under the tutelage of her Guru.

The evening will also witness a performance by artists of AAMAD Dance Centre who would present Saraswati Stuti.

This would be followed by Basant by Tanya Sehgal, Ridhima Singh and Shubhangee Goel. This item celebrates the shades of 'Basant' or spring. The performance depicts the essence of the season Basant-with the onset of spring yellow mustards bloom in every field, the air being filled with fresh aroma of life after a long cold winter spreads bliss all around. Another highlight of the evening will be a mesmerising performance of the Kathak exponent Dr Rekha Mehra who will perform Madhurashtakam. Dr Rekha Mehra, a trained classical dancer, who has not only acquired a unique style of her own but also has skilfully blended Indian mythology with traditional dance style alongside Jaipur and Lucknow Gharanas. Her performance hails from a Sanskrit composition in the devotion of Lord Shri Krishna.

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