Portraying elusive spirit of 'Aranyani' through art

Portraying elusive spirit of Aranyani through art

In the upcoming solo show by Kerala born artist Suresh Pushpangthan, a series of paintings on nature will be displayed. The artwork portrays the elusive spirit of the Goddess Aranyani who is described in the Rig Vedas as wandering fearlessly through remote jungle glades. Titled 'Aranyani- Goddess of the Forest' by Suresh Pushpangathan', the exhibition will be held from October 12-15, at India Habitat Centre.

Each of the paintings in acrylic or oil on canvas, silk and on wooden boxes in this evocative series displays Pushpangathan's trademark ability to capture a theme even as transparent layers of colour lay bare or merge with the texture or shades beneath in subdued and vibrant variations. The artist's creativity and skill is visible through his deft brushstrokes in thick and thin paints capturing the interplay of light, perspective, mystery, and texture.

His canvases take the viewer to the edge of a pond or a grove to reflect on what lies deep within or beyond. Clearly apparent in his work is the influence of the Impressionists and Post Impressionists especially of Claude Monet. Not all of Suresh's paintings confine themselves to the boundaries of strict realism. Some works adopt a middle path - perhaps somewhere between representation and abstraction.

The son of a traditional wood sculptor, Suresh Pushpangthan's grew up watching his father at work and it was at his feet that the young boy was introduced to the fascinating world of art. His early childhood, spent wandering in the lush tropical foliage of Varkala in Kerala, had a lasting impact on his work as an artist and this is a memory that he constantly revisits in his evocative work.

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