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Online dating: Love redefined

Online dating: Love redefined

We being millennials in the era of social media and internet have witnessed many changes – in terms of love, emotions, and relationships. Fake promises and casual relationships have existed since forever, but introduction to 'online dating' made it worse for millennials of the 21st century. Number of people struggling to find love through digital dating is rapidly increasing and it seems the whole idea of love has changed.

To back this with facts, several researches conducted in the last few years have shown a tremendous rise in the use of online apps like Tinder – especially around the month of romance (February). Has online dating really changed the meaning of love? Let us know by some of the youngsters using these apps:

Srikant Bhutani, who is an IELTS trainer and have used Tinder, though had a pleasant experience on the dating app, he believes that it is important to be safe while using such apps. He says that one's experience on such platforms depends on three major factors. Firstly, upon the kind of app you are using. Secondly, the exposure that the app provides to people. And, lastly, on the users – how they use it.

For Aditya Singh, a Lawyer by profession, online dating is a boon as it helps to set choices and preferences...without actually facing the other person we get an idea whether to take the relationship forwards or not.

Youngsters using or not using these apps hold a notion that on such platforms, individuals form judgement if the other person is worthy to date or have 'sexual relationship' or not. First appearance matters the most and as a result of this, youngsters have started caring about their looks more than it's required.

Harsh Vohra, a corporate worker believes that with this hook-up culture in place and empowered by free dating apps like Tinder, society seems to have destroyed traditional dating.

"It might look like you are going to find your soulmate on such apps. But, dating world is stuffed with people who deeply desire nothing but sex," he states. On the contrary, Neha Khanna, who works as a content writer asserts that seeking sexual relationships on such platforms is fine.

Describing further, how online dating is a threat, Sanket Sethi, a DU student shares his views too. "There have been reports about dating gone wrong on these platforms where mischievous elements have duped their partners of money by getting the details of their credit cards and mobile wallets, harassing and blackmailing girls with their private photos and asking for money in return to get them deleted," he said

Talking about how online dating has changed the meaning of love in today's era, Paras Middha, event planner says, "Earlier people used to meet, spend time, know each other better and then fall in love. Now, it's the era of 'instant love' or 'filtered love'. People swipe right by looking at good seductive pictures – when they meet – the reality is different.

Shrikant, an IT expert feels that online dating has made people fall in love instantly and get over it overnight. "I have met people who don't even know what they are there for. They just want to be there."

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