Each painting is a journey into my own mind: Indrani

Each painting is a journey into my own mind: Indrani

Indrani Chowdhury, an artist who believes in constant exploration, is coming up with her first solo exhibition of paintings at Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. Titled 'Fluid Identity', the art show will be held from October 6 – 10, 2018. The presentation will consist of a medley of her works over the last three years.

Journeying among temples, ruins, rural India and touching on everyday subjects, she has gathered in her works myriad subjects. Her penchant for portraits represents a collection of eclectic snapshots of a Greek God transformed into flesh from a

marble bust, includes her young gardener and the friendly street urchin. To the artist in her, the experiences of recreating the urchin's smile on her canvas or portraying the sombre Greek, are her way of finding out more about the human psyche.

"For me, each painting is a journey into my own mind. In the process, I discover a world within and emerge with a sharpened sense of enquiry into the world outside. Above all, it is the most engrossing experience to be lost in my work, unravelling layers of meaning with each brush stroke," says the artist.

There is something for everyone in Indrani's works. Some of her best works include 'Bouquet watercolour', 'Temple road', 'Community', 'Corridor', 'Dancer', 'Cottage' and 'Wooden gate.'

It is all about touching the core of her subjects with a keen eye and presenting them to her audience, translated with intensity and verve.

After a successful show in Bangalore, she plans to present her works at Delhi and Kolkata in early 2019.

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