Don't restrict your fashion goals in monsoon

Dont restrict your fashion goals in monsoon

Monsoon beckons and the skies are raring to shower in all their glory, gracing the city with a filter of beauty. Amidst the pouring rains, puddles and muddy streets in city, it can be quite a task to stay fashionable but not anymore.

Fashion Experts bring to you the fashion laws when the skies are dark, and the earth is drenched:

Dark and shady: Before you judge too soon, hold up! Dark shades are essentials in the rainy season with the famous navy blues, blacks and greys peppering the fashion scene. These shades, by default, compliment the gloomy filter all around us during the rains. Go for black, as it won't show signs of rain or muddy debris.

Keep it simple: A simple look is always a wise choice during the rains. A simple breathable tee with a stylish jacket will not only hand you the fashion edge but will keep you sane during the sometimes-annoying rains. A graphic printed tee could make quite the mark with a comfortable material for the rains and a quirky design.

The new-age cape: A jacket is more than just a piece of clothing, it's a statement! Ever known someone cool who didn't own a jacket? Well if you have, he/she just ain't cool! Pick a simple yet sturdy jacket (preferably with a hood) and stay dry and look smashing while you're at it.

Accessories: Walking in the rain, or even after the rain, can be a pain! You wouldn't want to be slipping like a klutz in front of your people, would you? Right footwear in the rain can complete any look, in form and function. Pick the right soles to give you the necessary grip on wet terrain. If this could be coupled with water-resistant material, nothing like it!



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