Artists to showcase amazing artwork at IAF

Annual Indian, modern and contemporary art fair, which is all set to commence on February 9, has attracted more than 90 exhibitors from 20 countries, over the years. Aiming to treat art lovers with exotic pieces of art, the fair has once again welcomed artists from all across the world to showcase their best works. Below mentioned are three of the well known participants who will be exhibiting their collection at India Art Fair.

Artists to showcase amazing artwork at IAF
Delhi Crafts Council
Delhi Crafts Council has been involved in reviving the dying art form of Sanjhi for more than three decades. In its exhibition at India Art Fair, it will take this initiative further by bringing Sanjhi into the same space as contemporary Indian art. Sanjhi, the art of hand cutting stencils from paper, is believed to have originated about 400 years ago, but over time, this religious art declined. In 1990, DCC organised an exhibition called 'Kagaz', showcasing Sanjhi in a new dimension. Soon many designers brought in new designs and different applications, bringing about a major transformation of the craft. Delhi Crafts Council has been consistently making an effort to revive the vanishing art form of Sanjhi. Exhibiting this wonderful craft at India Art Fair is yet another initiative by DCC to support the Sanjhi artisans and opening up this craft to a new audience.
Seema Kohli
Seema Kohli has created her own niche in the world of contemporary art. Her creative repertoire is eclectic, encompassing a wide range of mediums ranging from painting, murals, to installations, sculptures. She will be showcasing her collection titled 'Trees of Life', that consist of 'acrylics and inks on canvas with 24ct gold and silver leaf'. 'Tree of Life' is inspired by verse 1, Chapter 15, Bhagwatgita in which Krishna explains to Arjuna that life is like a Banyan tree. We create the continuation of our existence by our own actions. These actions are like the roots of the banyan tree, which keep expanding over centuries.
Avijit Dutta
Avijit Dutta's metaphorical, minimal and almost meditative watercolours that poignantly combine the abstract memories of our glorious past with a contemporary iconography, will surely please you at IAF. Titled 'Ensoul', the solo show of around ten large works is being presented by Gallerie Ganesha at Booth No. F-3, IAF. Dutta is an award-winning watercolourist whose technique is reminiscent of early renaissance frescos. Rendered with utmost gentleness and finesse, these works exemplify the artist's experience of reliving moments, embracing them and celebrating them as a part of a bigger process, as a fragment of the continuously evolving existence.


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