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Tessa says it was 'easy' to forget 'scope' of Creed II

Tessa says   it was easy to forget scope of Creed II

Los Angeles: Actor Tessa Thompson says it was difficult to think about Creed II in terms of scale. The actor, who reprises her role of Bianca Porter in the Creed sequel, told Collider that she realised the scope of the film only when they started shooting for the boxing scenes.

"It's funny because for us, we're making these films called Creed 1 and Creed 2, it's easy to forget somehow that we're making, essentially, Rocky films. Films that exist inside of the Rocky universe," said the 35-year-old actor.

"And then there'll be moments on set, almost always when we're shooting a boxing scene, where we'll have like a thousand extras and that's the time where the scope hits you," she added. She said the film's cast and its director approached the film "with real sensitivity and honesty" and she often felt like shooting for small project. "It feels like we're making a niche drama, literally, like when it's scenes with just Mike and myself or just a couple players, it feels like we're making something small in scope," Thompson said.

"Then we get into those boxing scenes and it suddenly feels massive. Also, we have all these characters that actually exist in the boxing world. Then it's totally surreal, because you have these guys come in and it's like we're making an HBO special suddenly. So that's incredible," she added. The film also features Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.



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